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Since 2011, 88KeysToEuphoria’s mission has been to make learning your favorite Bollywood songs on the piano easy, fun, and accessible for everyone. We believe that people of all ages, regardless of musical experience, should be able to bring the gift of music into their lives. That’s why we’ve created piano lessons that include step-by-step beginner and advanced piano tutorials for each song, designed specifically so that those with little or no prior musical training could follow along and begin learning.

As the first video-on-demand website of its kind, our leadership and experience in the industry ensures that you’re always in good hands. Music is one of the most diverse cultural experiences in the world, with musicians coming from all walks of life. We believe that everyone is born with music within them. We help reveal that inner-musician so you can make the world a more musical place.


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   Founder of 88KeysToEuphoria, Aakash Gandhi is an Indian American composer, pianist, songwriter,   and entrepreneur. After launching his YouTube channel 88KeysToEuphoria in 2008, Aakash quickly   became recognized for his unique blend of piano and Indian elements to produce largely acoustic and   instrumental music.
  Aakash began training in western classical piano at the age of 8. Throughout his childhood, he was   almost always surrounded by the music of Bollywood. Both of these musically diverse experiences are   what nurtured Aakash’s interest in learning to play Hindi songs on the piano completely by ear. He   finished his education with an MBA in Finance from the University of Central Florida.
         Due to the tremendous early success of his music on YouTube, Aakash made the decision to move to Mumbai to pursue music full-time.
         His YouTube channel soon transformed from a solo endeavor into a powerful platform where he used the reach of his music to feature hidden              musical talents around the world. Apart from being a recording musician, Aakash has performed at venues around the globe. As one of the first              independent Indian musicians on YouTube, Aakash continues to serve as a pioneer in the field